Sunrise academy located in the Rajasthan capital city, Jaipur, is an award-winning institute providing preparatory guidelines and coaching to the aspirants and helps them to succeed in competitive exams with flying colors. The SSC test series at Sunrise Academy are designed chiefly in comprehensive teaching patterns in accordance with the guidelines of the erudite experts,while our test methods principally target exploring strong and weak areas of the students and finally strengthen their inner potentiality and mental resourcefulness. These strategies are embraced to embolden the spirit of the aspirants to analyse the various spectrum of SSC programs from their own creative compass. Our mock test series and complete SSC program module including comprehensive study materials, practice exercises and various other classroom programs provide students necessary ingredients, aiming to boost their preparedness and increase their quantitative aptitude, reasoning skill, current affairs and data interpretation etc. Our comprehensive classroom training program includes extensive classroom training accompanied by all-embracing study materials among other classroom based programs, such as personality development session and mock tests in the best classroom environment promoting encouragement to the students and make them feel motivated and focused.

Our PDP or personality development session is one of the unique concepts dedicated to rebuilding personality strength of the students and makes them able to handle personal interview round. We impart the best and most productive education under the environment that is completely didactic and promotes sense of enthusiasm in the students to be more receptive. We prepare students for SSC CGL Tier – I, SSC CGL Tier – II, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, and other SSC exams, and to ensure their preparedness is fully bloomed, we provide them exhaustive tool and full length mock tests. We also take resort to sectional and question wise performance analysis of the students along with overviewing their attempts as to facing the competitive exams. What makes our SSC classroom program different from the rest of the institutes in the market is that at Sunrise Academy, the classroom sessions involve faculty members who are significantly educated and experienced in the matter associated with teaching. Various testimonials from different aspirants who have been taught and trained at Sunrise Academy can testify validity and value of our ethics toward preparing students in the best professional manner. Sunrise Academy offers a series of practice tests for SSC aspirants, and these tests have been designed to prepare the students for various competitive exams including those related to government jobs. Our comprehensive suite of SSC practice tests give in-depth analysis of what areas need to be focused so that the students learn basic to advanced concept of study materials, develop their strength and gain knowledge on various SSC topical tests.

Our SSC coaching programs exercise full precaution in line of giving students perfect guidelines and experiential suggestion of how to develop better understanding of the subjects. One of the principal motives behind dedicating SSC coaching programs to the students is to instil in the mind of the student the sense of confidence and the analytical skill required to help them understand all the aspects of competitive exams, especially enlightening the students with the preparative guidelines not to make silly mistakes and how to avoid them, along with the points that need to be taken care of for the sake of improving score in the exams. Sunrise Academy is building a new transition in the education system by providing SSC coaching which is completely modernised because of our embracing the state of the art technology and digitalised medium for teaching. Our SSC programs offer preparatory materials for the students to help them get education in all 3 tiers the competition exams, while our descriptive English along with other subjects or study materials focus on helping the students get each and every aspect of the competitive exam and grasp the knowledge properly. Moreover, our faculty teachers exercise all due diligence in preparing students in general intelligence and reasoning, English, math and general studies. Our motive behind SSC coaching to the aspirants lies in the fact that we are honestly dedicated to enlightening the students with basic to complete knowledge and make them able to jump start their career in this rather competitive job scenario.